Accessibility in Rhode Island State Parks

It is our aim to provide, at each park and beach location, the same opportunities for people with disabilities as are available to people without disabilities. The R.I. Division of Parks and Recreation has an on going program of renovating facilities to make them accessible to and usable by persons with physical disabilities. In all new design and construction accessibility is automatically included. In addition to designated wider parking spaces, restroom accommodations and ramped building entrances, the RI State park and Beach System offers accessible picnic tables and sites at all major day use parks. Further information about availability can be obtained by contacting individual parks.

Rhode Island State Law 32-1-17: No fee shall be charged to any person with a disability regardless of age, or to automobiles transporting a non-driver with a disability at any recreational facility owned by the state, provided, however, proper identification is presented as prescribed by the Department of Environmental Management. For the purpose of this section "person with a disability shall mean an individual who has a physical or mental impairment and is receiving: [A] Social Security disability (SSDI), [B] Supplemental Security Income benefits (SSI) or Veterans benefits and who shall be determined under applicable federal law by the Federal Department of Veteran's Affairs to be 100% disabled through a service connected injury. For this section "fees" shall include all fees for parking, admittance, or other user-fees for playing golf. The term "fees" shall not include licensing fees; camping fees, picnic table fees or specialized facility use fees, including, but not limited to fees for the use of equestrian areas, performing art centers, game fields and mule shed.

Obtaining a Disability Pass

Starting April 1st, Disability passes will only be issued at the new Rhode Island State Parks and Recreation Headquarters office located at 1100 Tower Hill Road, North Kingstown , Rhode Island , 02852. The office hours are: 9:00am – 3:00pm Monday- Friday, closed on holidays. You must present a valid form of photo identification or a birth certificate for children. (Click here for more information regarding a disability pass.) The person who is disabled must appear in person to obtain a disability pass. We encourage everyone to call the North Kingstown office before your visit. The telephone number is 401-667-6200.

Handicap Assistance at Rhode Island State Park Locations

The following locations provide assistance to our handicapped patrons in order to make the most out of their experience at Rhode Island State Parks. For more information on a service provided, please contact the location directly.

Handicapped - Assisted Recreational Boat Ramps
Surf Chairs Hand Cycle For Handicap Use

Roger Wheeler State Beach

East Matunuck State Beach

Salty Brine State Beach

Lincoln Woods State Park

Goddard Memorial State Park

Scarborough State Beaches

Colt State Park

East Bay Bike Path

Colt State Park

East Bay Bike Path

Goddard Park Golf Course Exemption

R.I. Law 32-1-20: Any veteran who is a resident of the state, and who is shall be determined under applicable federal law by the Veteran's Administration of the United States of America to be totally disabled through service connected disability shall be exempt from paying any fee to play golf at the Goddard Park Golf Course. (32-1-17 Disability Social Security also applies).

Further information can be obtained regarding this exemption by calling the Clubhouse at Goddard Memorial State Park from April 1st through the 3rd Saturday in November at (401) 884-9834 or year round at Division Headquarters at (401)667-6200.

Handicap Accessible Boat Ramp at Colt State Park

The Department of Environmental Management with the help of the Governor's Commission on Disabilities has reconstructed the boat ramp at Colt State Park that allows easy access to recreation services by people with physical limitations. This facility includes a non-slip metal dock with multiple landings that allow boaters with disabilities and others to easily board their boats regardless of the level of the tide. Each dock is purposely configured to be submerged at different stages of the tide, with a good portion of it flooded at high tide. The design, in effect, allows the water to come to the boater, giving easy access to vessels at all times.

Handicap Accessible Boat Ramp at Haines State Park

On June 19, 2000, the Department of Environmental Management, Governor's Commission on Disabilities, the City of East Providence and the US Fish and Wildlife Service has dedicated a new handicap-accessible boat ramp and parking lot at Haines Memorial State Park in East Providence. The facility features a 60-foot wide concrete ramp. Two floating courtesy docks, one 8 feet wide that is handicap-accessible and another measuring 6 feet wide have been constructed on either side of the ramp. Adjacent to the boat ramp is a new paved parking area with 67 vehicles/trailer parking spaces and 12 vehicle-only parking spaces. The parking lot also includes a drainage and storm water treatment unit that will remove 80 percent of solids such as sand and gravel from storm water entering Bullocks Cove from the lot. In addition, a separator will remove oil and grease from the storm water.

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