Quick Answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I obtain a state beach season pass?
  2. What qualifications are required for a resident beach pass?
  3. Can I purchase a pass without my vehicle present? Once I purchase a pass, can I remove it and install it on my second car?
  4. I live in Rhode Island and my company provides me with an OUT OF STATE registered vehicle, can I obtain a resident Pass?
  5. What is the Senior Citizen age for fee discounts?
  6. I am stationed in RI with the US Military. Can I purchase a resident season pass?
  7. I participate in the RIPAE program. Am I exempt from paying an entrance fee to the State Beaches?
  8. I am disabled; Am I exempt from paying an entrance fee to the State Beaches?
  9. Where can I obtain a Four Wheel Drive Barrier beach pass for East Beach/Ninigeret?
  10. Are there currently any public lands, parks or trails available for ATV use?
  11. Is there smoking allowed on RI state beaches?

  1. Season passes can be obtained at the entrance booths of any state operated beach during operating times. Patrons must purchase a new pass each year. Please visit the division's web site at www.riparks.com or call 401-667-6200 for more information.

    Please contact ProPark at 1 (888) 776-7275 ext. 40 for any questions concerning purchase of beach parking passes.

  2. The vehicle must be registered in Rhode Island. For the purpose of administrating these fees, resident and non-resident vehicle fees shall be based solely upon the state of registration. vehicle shall mean any street legal equipment, motorized or non-motorized, properly registered for over the road travel.

  3. No, the vehicle must be present so the Beach Attendant can verify the registration prior to installation. The pass is non-transferable, i.e.; once you have mounted the pass you should not take it off. The pass must be mounted in the registered vehicle it has been purchased for, transferring the pass will void its use.

  4. No, the vehicle must be registered in Rhode Island.

  5. Both for residents and non-residents,  you must be 65 years of age or older.

  6. Yes, military personnel whose permanent duty station is located in Rhode Island can be issued resident season passes or pay the resident day rate. You must provide a copy of your orders and drive and own the vehicle.

  7. State Law 32-1-18: No entrance fee shall be charged to any person who is sixty-five years of age or older and who is eligible to participate in the RI Pharmaceutical Assistance to the elderly program. You must be driving and be eligible for the 60% income level indicated on the card. RIPAE Card must be marked 8018 not 8019 or 8020. Daily confirmation only, season passes are not issued for this program.

  8. Yes, specific documentation is required to obtain a disability picture ID card from the Division’s Headquarters, which is required for fee exemption at our State beaches. To obtain your picture ID you must provide current year social security disability certification listing you as disabled and collecting disability benefits with the Social Security Administration or a current year 100% Disabled Veteran’s Administration certificate. ID’s are available only from the North Kingstown location located at 1100 Tower Hill Road, North Kingstown, RI. We suggest you call 401-667-6200 in advance to verify your paperwork prior to making a trip to our office.

  9. Barrier Beach Passes can be purchased at:
    Coastal Resources Management Council
    Stedman Government Center Suite 116
    4808 Tower Hill Road, Wakefield RI
    Monday through Friday: 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
    Tel: 401.783.3370

    Burlingame Campground Check Station
    Route 1, Charlestown, RI
    June 1 to the Sunday before Columbus Day
    Please call Burlingame State Campground for office hours and availability.

    For information on pricing, equipment requirements and other regulations regarding barrier beach permits, click Barrier Beach Permits.

  10. No, not at this time. There is no public property that is available for ATV use in the State of Rhode Island.

  11. As of 2013, The Department of Environmental Management and the Department of Health (HEALTH) announced the start of a mandatory no smoking initiative at all Rhode Island state beaches. In doing so, Rhode Island joins the growing movement to keep beaches clean and to protect people and wildlife from the risks and ramifications of smoking at the beach, and may be the first state to initiate a statewide smoke-free beach campaign.

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